Here are two old software programs that may still be of interest.


3Delighter 1.2.4 (REALbasic) with source (2/1/2004)
Shaderer 1.1.1 (REALbasic) with source (2/1/2004)
3Delighter 2.0 beta (Cocoa) with source(1/1/2004)

3Delighter and Shaderer were created in REALbasic and have the code included in the download. They were compiled on OSX 10.3 with REALbasic 5.2.4. 3Delighter in Cocoa was built prior to 3Delight 2.0.0. It has not been tested on any version of 3Delight 2.0.0 or later.

3Delighter gives you access to all of 3Delight’s functions in an easily accessible interface. 3Delight runs in the command shell, most often accessed by the Terminal. 3Delighter allows you to bypass the Terminal and do all your work with clicks instead of typing. 3Delighter will only run on OS Xand only with a properly installed copy of 3Delight.

1. start 3Delighter
2. 3Delighter will open with the renderdl tab showing
3. pick a .rib file from the examples folder within your 3Delight install
4. use the “select” button in the renderdl tab or just drag the .rib file onto the renderdl tab
5. the .rib name will appear in the “file:” field
6. click the button “renderdl” and the file will be rendered!

1. start Shaderer
2. after all shaders have been read select one from the pop-up menus and turn on or off any of the shader types – surface, displacement, volume, light
3. click Render
4. the RIB window may be left open as it will automatically update with the current settings when you click Render



TkMatMan 1.9 (8/15/2003)

This is a shader tester interface for 3Delight.

The original code was by Andreas Butz, updated for 3Delight, RenderDotC, PRMan and Entropy by Goran Kocov, with OSX compatibility added by Robert Coldwell.

This program runs in TCL and therefore you must have the most recent version of TCL for OS X installed for it to work. I am using TCL/TK 8.4 currently. Also, since this accesses the shaders and rendering functions of 3Delight, you must have it installed properly. This version of TkMatMan runs with 3Delight 1.0.6 (or earlier).
The default installation location of 3Delight on OS X is: /Applications/Graphics/3delight-1.0.6

Be sure to read the TkMatMan help text available from the “Help” button within the program.