From 1992-1994 I attended graduate school at San Jose State University in California. My graduation show was an installation taking over an entire gallery. The title was “美術・芸術” (Bijutsu, Geijutsu). These are two terms used to refer to art in Japanese and I was juxtaposing the definitions of both – which would probably both fall under the single English word of “art”.

The focus of the work was the enclosure which had nothing special about it other than the strings held with dowels in between each vertical 6′ high board. The entire structure was held up through the inward pull of these strings tied to a central metal ring. The structure was enclosing a ring which itself was empty. There was only about 4′ between the structure walls and the walls of the gallery so to view the work you had to navigate around a structure mostly hiding empty space, yet that empty space was the focus of the work.