From 1995 to 1998 I attended the Tokyo National University of Art and¬†completed two projects to fulfill my Master’s degree. The program was titled Cultural Object Restoration and I was in the sculpture division. There were other divisions for painting, science, architecture and folk arts.

The first project was the restoration of a Heian style Jizo statue. This was on loan to the University from a temple. The date on the statue was unknown, but likely it was carved in the Kamakura period, but in the Heian style.  It was missing the hands, urna and front part of the feet along with the base. I cleaned the statue and created new parts out of Japanese cypress (hinoki). A new base was also carved and Japanese lacquer applied.

The second project was a copy of an Asuka or Nara era statue owned by the University. There was no original base or hands and the flowing fabric from both hands down to the demon was missing. I carved this out of a solid piece of camphor wood (kusunoki). I carved new hands and flowing fabric and created my own base (also out of camphor wood). The entire surface was sealed with thinned Japanese lacquer.